IceTest Survey

October 31 2008 | Sport

The programmers of IceTest invite users to take part in a survey. IceTest is the free software for sport events provided by FEIF. Winter has been traditionally the time of year to work on new features and next competition season’s version of IceTest and its companion programs.
While the programmers have a lot of ideas regarding future versions of IceTest, they are of course also interested in your opinion as users of IceTest. A short survey has been set up, users are invited to take part in it. It’s about your experience with IceTest as well as new features you would like to see appear in IceTest and the other IceHorseTools.
Although there’s no guarantee you will see the improvements you requested in the 2009 release of IceTest, your feedback will be very valuable to us, and it is your chance to shape the future roadmap of the program.
Please take five minutes to complete the IceTest survey. The most important results of this survey will be published on the FEIF website and discussed in the IceTest mailing list for further discussion.