FEIF Board Meeting in Copenhagen.

October 29 2008 | General

The FEIF board held their annual two day meeting in Copenhagen on 25/26 October 2009. On the the agenda, amongst other items, were an important discussion about future funding of FEIF, plans for the next FEIF Conference, agreement on the new Youth Protection Policy and a review of the FEIF Mission, Vision, Goals and Tactics.

FEIF Board members are working on several ideas for balancing future annual budgets. These include creating a fund-raising scheme, changing the pricing policy for FEIF services from a cost recovery to a value for money basis, and creating new FEIF services, such as FEIF International Foal and Young Horse Shows. This will be discussed further at the next FEIF Conference.

The FEIF Conference will take place in Hamburg from 27th February 2009 to 1st March 2009. The theme of this year’s conference will be “Strengthening Icelandic Horse Organisations”. There will also be further discussion about the outcomes from the Welfare Cafe which was held at last year’s conference.

The FEIF Youth Protection Policy will be published shortly through the FEIF website. The aim of the policy is to demonstrate FEIF commitment to safegaurding and potection young people. As part of the policy, a Youth Counsellor with be appointed at designated FEIF Events.

The FEIF Mission and Vision were discussed by the board, and it was agreed that no changes were needed. The individual Goals and Tactics were also discussed and various changes were made to take into account progress and new ideas. An updated version of the Vision and Mission document will be sent to the Countries in time for the next FEIF Conference.