6th FEIF International Instructor/Trainer Seminar 2009 on 9/11 January 2009

May 16 2008 | Education

The annual FEIF International Instructor/Trainer Seminar will be held on 9/11 January 2009 at NHB Deurne in the Netherlands. Further details will be made available during June 2008. Please keep this weekend available for what is planned to be a full programme of discussions of interesting and important education issues for the Icelandic horse community.

The Dutch Equestrian Vocational Education in Deurne is the institute for education and the centre of knowledge for the equestrian sport and horsekeeping in the Netherlands. NHB Deurne is not only a renowned educational centre, but it is also a modern horse business, – known as the Dutch Equestrian Centre -offering its facilities and accommodation to all disciplines of the equestrian sport and for all activities in the horse business.

The seminar will be open to all instructors registered in the FEIF Matrix, all FEIF International Sport and Breeding Judges, and, subject to availability of spaces, other interested participants.