News from the Education-committee

March 12 2008 | Education

The annual meeting of the FEIF-Education was held at the FEIF Conference in Iceland.
As Hannes Kirchmayr had decided to retire after a many years as a splendid chairman, the committee had to reorganise. Ian Pugh became the new chairman, and as often happens when new board members are joining a group, new questions are asked. As a result the committee had many positive and exciting discussions. All the details can be read in the minutes of the meeting (minutes will be published after March 26, 2008) but we would like to draw your attention to two specific subjects:

In 2008 the committee will start the work concerning comparing the different examination systems. The committee will need input from the different member-countries and we are looking forward to a positive co-operation. All the countries having an education system will be contacted by our new chairman Ian Pugh.
In 2008 it will be possible to attend courses and examinations at FEIF-level 1, 2 and 3 at Basselthof, Germany. The courses and examinations will be done in English and German and could be a possibility for those being a member of an association not having their own education system (more information will be available soon).

Finally we would like to introduce to you the question asked and discussed during the whole conference: “What is good riding style?” Be sure that this question will be discussed everywhere in the years to come in order to define the riding style of Icelandic horses even better. The question will also be a theme for the next international instructor seminar in Jan. 2009.

The Education committee is full of energy and expectations for the coming year. Don’t hesitate to contact any of us for sharing good ideas or asking questions.