World Championships Teams

July 23 2007 | Sport

Thanks to the good cooperation between the World Championships Office, the FEIF Office and the national team leaders, all teams for the World Championships 2007 have been entered. A total of 181 participants have been registered, 143 in sport (including reserve riders and horses) and 38 for the international breeding show.
In sport, 30 Young Riders are registered in addition to 84 ‘ordinary’ participants. About 25% of the particpants will be Young Rider. 7 World Champions will defend their title. 18 reserve riders and/or horses have been registered, plus 4 reserve Young Riders.
64 participants are expected in Tölt T1, 38 in Tölt T2, 60 in Four Gait V1, 39 in Five Gait F1, 45 in Pace Race 250 m P1, 39 in SpeedPass P2 and 42 in Pace test PP1.
The complete list of teams and their team members can be found at