Sky High World Record SpeedPass

August 27 2006 | Sport

Jens Füchtenschnieder established a new world record in SpeedPass (100 m) with the gelding Keimur frá Votmúla 1 (IS1995187605): 7.24″, at the Mid European Championships in Terenten (IT), August 24-27. This is 0.11″ faster then the previous world record by Anna Skúlason with Brynja frá Glæsebæ (IS1993257312).
Two other riders also broke the old record: Beggi Eggertsson with Lótus frá Aldenghoor (7.27″) and Irene Reber with Snuður vom Lipperthof (7.29″). The high quality track (at an altitude of 1300 m) proved to be very fast: 12 participants had a time below 8.00″. More results at