New Gæðingakeppni Judges

April 25 2006 | Sport

At two recent seminars in Denmark and Germany 24 candidates did take part in a test to become a licensed Gæðingakeppni judge. The license is issued by our Icelandic member association LH in co-operation with FEIF. 21 Candidates did pass the test. FEIF congratulates Hulda Sigurðardóttir, Guttormur Ármansson, Sören Madsen, Barbro Beckström, Margrit Rusterholz, Karin Hassin, Astrid Jonsson, Styrmir Árnason, Betti Fuss, Karly Zingsheim, Ivar Brethouwer, Marion Heib, Jolly Schrenk, Ulrike Ketter, Andreas Windsio, Jens Fuechtenschnieder, Christoph Leibold, Alex Conrad, Johannes Hoyos, Uschi Heller-Voigt and Klaus Osterloh.
These new judges are allowed to judge gæðingakeppni events inside and outside Iceland, except for Landsmót and comparable events. Their names will be included in the list of gæðingakeppni judges that is published on the FEIF website ( This license replaces licenses that have been issued outside Iceland previously.