International Gæðingakeppni Seminar in Germany

March 12 2006 | Sport

Our German member association IPZV is inviting to an international gæðingakeppni seminar and examination, April 3-5 in Aegidienberg (Walter Feldmann), Germany. The seminar is approved by FEIF and LH. The seminar will be conducted by instructors appointed by our Icelandic member association LH. Updated rules and guidelines for judging (available at will be a main topic at the seminar, as well as introduction and practical judging on the track and from video.
On April 5 it will be possible to do the formal approved Gæðingakeppni judge examination. An approved judge license from LH is the only valid judge license for judging Gæðingakeppni. The seminar is open for everyone with an interest for judging Gæðingakeppni. More information at