Future of Breeding

February 14 2006 | Breeding

During the FEIF Conference 2006, Bjarni Þorkelsson (IS) delivered a remarkable speech about the future of Breeding. In his speech he touches many subjects, among them the relation between breeding goals and demands made on competition horses in sport. Bjarni finds this connection obvious, looking at the demands made for clear gaits, balance, leg action and supplenes. He believes that ‘it is no coincidence that all the main winners of Iceland’s competition teams at previous World Championships are the offspring of well know stallions that did well in our breeding judgment system.’ But on the other hand it is also true ‘… that it is possible to breed a good individual even though it´s not a particularly good candidate for sport competition’. The complete text is available at the FEIF website.
After his speech a panel debate took place with Reinhard Loidl (A), Barla Barandung (CH), Bruno Podlech (D) and Niels Lund Lindberg (S).