Open Letter about Oral Wounds

February 12 2006 | Sport

In an open letter to FEIF, two Swedish veterinarians (Gunilla Lundgren and Tomas Lundgren), draw the attention for the relatively high number of oral wounds that have been found during the veterinary checks at the World Championships 2005. They ask for a discussion in all member associations. As they say: ‘As veterinaries we can and will never accept that a horse is wounded unnecessarily, regardless if it is caused by lack of knowledge, skill or pure nonchalance.’
FEIF Director of Sport Marko Mazeland has answered them that the matter has the attention of FEIF already for a longer period. Nevertheless more action is needed, especially at events, as this is the only moment where FEIF can act upon it. He pleads for more and better veterinary checks. Click here to read the open letter.
The Board of FEIF has decided to inform all member associations about this subject and to ask for specific veterinary (entrance) checks at all events. Also the judges will be reminded that an oral check should be part of an equipment check.