FEIF Conference 2006

January 30 2006 | General

100 Persons will attend the second FEIF Conference, Februari 10-12, 2005. The conference is hosted by our Dutch member association NSIJP in Amsterdam (NL). Among them 5 guests, 15 members of various committees, 8 board members and 71 participants representing 14 countries: Austia (3), Belgium (2) , Switzerland (5), Germany (5), Denmark (8), Finland (4), France (2), Great Britain (7), Iceland (7), Luxemburg (2), Netherlands (8), Norway (8), Sweden (9), USA (1).
The guests are Reinhard Loidl, Barla Barandung, Bruno Podlech, Bjarni Þorkelsson and Niels Lund Lindberg. They will take part in a panel debate about breeding. The debate will be opened by a lecture by Bjarni Þorkelsson. Other major items of the conference are the future of WorldFengur, World Championships in the future and the Education matrix.
The participants will also take part in one or more department meetings: Chairmen, Breeding, Sport, Education and Youth. There will also be a meeting for editors of national magazines.
Relevant documents (including the complete conference folder) can be found in the service section of the FEIF website: www.feif.org/service.