FEIF Conference 2006

December 16 2005 | General

The second FEIF Conference will be arranged in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam, on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February, 2006. Main topics are: World Championship in the Future, Breeding, WorldFengur and Education Matrix.
All FEIF annual meetings (Breeding, Chairmen, Education, Youth and Sport) plus a PR-meeting are carried through during the week end. Invitations to these meetings are sent to the national leaders separately.
In addition to the ‘technical’ meetings there shall be general sessions where conclusions from the meetings can be presented and discussed.
The conference will be of great interest for many of the active board and committee members of our member associations. FEIF welcomes all members of the national boards, members of the national committees and editors of the national magazines.
All documents can be found in the service section of the FEIF website: www.feif.org/service.