FEIF Instructor/Trainer Seminar 2006

May 22 2005 | Education

The FEIF education committee invites you to the International FEIF Instructor/Trainers Seminar September 1-3, 2006 in Iceland at Hólaskóli, the Equine University College.
The main theme of the meeting will be a step by step training of the Icelandic riding horse from the starting of a young horse to the fully developed riding and/or competition horse. Many of the best riding teachers and trainers in Iceland will work on developing the programme.
Organisation of the event will be in the hands of the Icelandic Education Committee which is the cooperation of Hólaskóli, FT (the Trainers Association), FHrb (the Horse Breeders Association) and LH (the Icelandic Riding Clubs Association).