Annual Youth Meeting

February 19 2005 | Youth Work

The Annual Youth Meeting (February 11-12, 2005) decided to propose the following changes:
– FEIF Youth Camp 2005 (Iceland): the date is now July 15 – July 22. The camp will be organized in the South near Selfoss at Heimarvellir with riding days at the stud and riding center Ármot.
– FEIF Youth Cup: changes in the tests are required, all parts of ‘working tempo tölt’ should be changed to ‘slow, steady and calm tempo tölt’. Gait tests should be changed to FIPO group classes V2 / F2 and Gaedingar Teenage class.
When accepted by the Delegates’ Assembly in September, the proposal about the FEIF Youth Cup will be in effect as of January 1, 2006.