FEIF Sport Judges Educational Video

January 6 2005 | Sport

The third educational video for sport judges is available now, both on DVD and VHS. The material for this video has been selected from World Championships, Landsmót and other major events.
This video focuses on the Sport Judges Guidelines. Per gait, different examples are shown that are connected to the corresponding sections in the guidelines. It is an essential tool in sport judges’ education.
The video is also very informative for sport riders. Now – as a rider – you can see where your marks are based upon when the speaker asks: ‘Judges, show your marks’.
The DVD costs EUR 50.00, the VHS tape EUR 55.00, both plus EUR 5.00 for postage and handling. Included are also a booklet with comments and the current Sport Judges Guidelines. Ordering is possible at the FEIF website (www.feif.org/order). Upon request delivery can take place at the FEIF Conference in Copenhagen.