To all youngsters between 12 and 18 years!

January 1 2005 | Youth Work

If you haven`t planned your holiday 2005 yet, you may reserve some time (and money) to go to Iceland next summer.
The next FEIF Youth Camp will be in Iceland, country of fire and ice and home of the Icelandic horse! Date: 15th to 21rst July.
50 to 60 youngsters from 18 FEIF countries will celebrate an international meeting in the South near Selfoss. Iceland will organise unforgettable riding tours. Ármot, a famous riding centre will be visited and of course some interesting places like the famous Geysir are planned to be seen.
To take part in this unique adventure you have to contact a person in your local or national board. Each FEIF country can send a limited number of youngsters. And because of this limitation you should send in your application as soon as possible. End of January is deadline for all countries.
Take your chance!