Invitations to Annual Meetings

January 1 2005 | General

The invitations to the Annual Meetings of the different departments have been sent out. For the first time, the meetings will take place at the same place in the same weekend: February 11-13, 2005 in Copenhagen (DK). The meetings are part of the newly established FEIF Conference.
The Education Meeting focusses on the Trainers Seminar 2006 in Iceland and the future goals for educational work within FEIF.
The Sport Meeting will deal with several proposals: to stop measuring bits, to allow wedged soles, to allow shoes with a wear and tear up to 23.0 mm and additional rules to relief the handling of pace races.
The Youth Meeting will discuss changes in the rules for the FEIF Youth Cup and practical matters regarding the next FEIF Youth Camp in 2005 and the Youth Cup in 2006.
The different invitations can be downloaded from the service section of the FEIF website: