FEIF Youth Camp 2005

October 27 2004 | Youth Work

The FEIF Youth Camp 2005 will be organised in Heimaland near Hvolsvellir, Iceland.
Activities: horse riding, visit Armot (Haflidi Halldorsson) on horseback, swimming in Icelands famous warm swimmingpools, country sightseeing (more details will follow). Each member country can send 3 participants and there will be a waiting list to fill up the places. Iceland is able to host 50 to 60 participants which will enable countries to send much more kids as it is known from experience that appr. 10 to 12 countries will participate (FEIF has 18 member countries). Iceland has a deadline of end of January 2005. Age: 12 to 18 years (you must get 12 in 2005 and you cant get 19 in 2005). Read more at