Mid European Championships 2004

September 9 2004 | Sport

From September 2-5, 2004, the second Mid European Championships (MEM) took place in Wurz (DE). The event was very succesful. Riders from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Slovenia took part. An international judge team (Iceland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland) added an even more international flavour. During the event plans were made to introduce teams representing their countries in the future, like at the Nordic Championships. So far riders could enter on a personal basis. A meeting of national sport leaders will be organised later this year. Italy has announced to be willing to organise the next MEM. During the event, judges could vote for the rider with the most horse friendy and featherlite riding style (comparabale to the FEIF Feather Prize). The judges elected Andreas Höpfner.