FEIF Youth Cup 2004

July 25 2004 | Youth Work

From July 17-24, the FEIF Youth Cup took place in Oosterhuizen (NL) with 66 participants from 11 countries: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, United States, the Netherlands, Sweden. Participants and other people involved can look back at a very good organized week with many helpers and good weather.
During the Youth Cup, 11 mixed international teams did compete, with their own team leaders. The first part of the week the teams were trained by professional trainers, giving their time for free: Halldor Gisli Gunnarson (IS), Martin Heller (CH), Rosl Rössner (D), Annmarie van Boldrik (NL) and Maud van Loon (NL).
During the second part of the week a competition took place with judges from Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.
The results of the competition are available from the service section of the FEIF website.