FEIF Perpetual Breeding Trophy 2004

July 3 2004 | Breeding

At Landsmót 2004 FEIF did again award its Perpetual Breeding Trophy for the highest evaluated breeding horse. This year’s winner is Þóroddur frá Þóroddstödum (IS1999188801), a 5 year old stallion with the extreme high score of 9.04 for ridability (the highest mark ever), 8.28 for conformation and an overall score of 8.74. The rider was Daníel Jónsson.
Winner in 2002 was the mare Þoka frá Hólum IS 1993258300 with a overall score of 8.64, Conformation 8.64, Riding abilities 8.64 (rider Þórarinn Eymundsson).