Renewal of licenses for FEIF International Sport Judges

March 14 2004 | Sport

In April 2004 the first group of FEIF licensed International Sport Judges had to renew their license.
In 2001 it has been decided to limit the license to a three years period. There are two ways for judges to renew their license:
– to be an active judge at at least 5 WorldRanking competitions and to attend one FEIF Sport Judges Seminar in a three years period, or
– to pass the test to become a licensed judge again.
The FEIF Office is busy now finishing the registration for the renewal. Some judges are rather late with their paper work. As one said: ‘I think I am better in judging than with papers.’ The first group of 40 judges did receive their renewed license (valid until April 2007). Unfortunately some judges will have to pass the test again to keep their license.
The current list of licensed judges is available at .