Gæðingakeppni rules

March 14 2004 | Sport

The goal of a Gæðinga competition (Gæðingakeppni) is to find the best horse, what Icelanders call a “Gæðingur.” That is a quality horses that is a joy to ride and a pleasure to watch.
The interest for Gæðingakeppni outside Iceland is growing. For this reason the Board of FEIF has decided to add the resort of Gæðingakeppni to the Sport department.
The first step has been made already: the English translation of the Icelandic rules (as reffered to in FIPO 9.2) is added to the service section of the FEIF website ( www.feif.org/service ). This translation is provided by LH, our Icelandic member association. The translation includes also Judges’ Guidelines.