New edition of FIPO avaialble

December 6 2003 | Sport

The new edition of FIPO – the Rules of Icelandic Horse Events – is available in English and German from the service section of the FEIF website: .
This edition is valid as of January 1, 2004. It contains all changes set by the Delegates’ Assembly 2003, the revised rules for organisers of World Championships and a revised table of times for group tests and finals, set by the Sport Committee.
Totally new are the former youth tests, that are now included as extra tests: several additional tölt tests, four gait and five gait tests and tests on the pace track and inside the dressage arena are now available in different levels of difficulty. These tests are also very suitable for adult and senior riders in the lighter sport classes or leisure classes!
The new edition of FIPO will be send by e-mail automatically to the subscribers of our update service.