Weblink: a service for WorldRanking riders

October 1 2003 | Sport

FEIF is offering a special service to riders in the WorldRanking: it is possible to have your name in the WorldRanking connected to your own website. This is a very interesting option if you are a trainer, instructor, teacher, breeder, exporter or in any other way active with Icelandic horses. The link is shown behind your name in any ranking list and in the overview of your personal results. To increase the interest for such a link the price has been lowered to € 25 per year. Just pay this amount (plus the costs of money transfer!) to the bank account of FEIF at the Danske Bank in Denmark, account 3523157477, IBAN DK8530003523157477, reference ‘Weblink WorldRanking’ plus your e-mail address. After reception of the money you will be contacted by e-mail about the proper address of your website.
More information? Contact Marko Mazeland.