FEIF Delegates’ Assembly 2003

September 25 2003 | General

The annual FEIF delegates’ assembly was held from 20th to 21st September 2003 in Copenhagen. The delegates’ assembly as the most important organ of FEIF had to decide on different changes concerning the rules of sport, breeding and youth work. Within the next few days, the complete minutes will be published on our website.

Concerning the elections a few changes were up to decision. Jens Otto Veje, FEIF breeding leader, left the board. We would like to thank him again for the enormous work he has done. Heidi Schwörer (Germany) and Per Anderz Finn (Sweden) stood for election. P.A. Finn was elected for the next two years. Our treasurer, Susanne Kraus Winkler, also left the board. We would like to express our thanks to her; she has succeeded to have the financial situation of FEIF on a sound base and she has, among her work as treasurer, made a big contribution to the work of the board. The delegates elected Jens Iversen (Denmark) for his first two years term.

Lasse Eklund informed about the state of affairs concerning the WC2005 held in Norrköping (Sweden). The Nederlands Stamboek voor Ijslandse Paarden will organise the WC2007. We wish the organisations of Sweden and the Netherlands all the best for this enormous and demanding assignment they have taken on.