Measuring Tool for Shoeing Checks at Icelandic Horse Events

August 26 2003 | Sport

Shoeing checks at Icelandic Horse Events often lead to dissatisfaction and discussion among riders, blacksmiths, judges and organizers.
The new measuring tool for icelandic horseshoeing makes the task of measurement much easier. It is extremely quick and simple to use. Because the rules only describe maximum values, it is not necessary to use a slide guage or easuring tape. You simply slide over the point, you want to measure with the equivalent part of the tool and you can find out immediately whether the shoeing corresponds to the rules.
The prototype for this measuring tool was tested at the World Championships in Austria in 2001 and has made the procedure for shoeing checks much easyer and faster. Now that the final version of the tool has been officially authorized by FEIF, it is available to riders, judges, organizers, team leaders, trainers and blacksmiths everywhere.
It has been succesfully used as the official measuring tool for all shoeing checks at the World Championships in Denmark in 2003. Have a look at it in FEIF News.