Sport Committee asked to evaluate Tölt T1

January 29 2003 | Sport

During the Annual Sport Meeting in Arlandstad (Sweden), the countries represented requested the Sport Committee to evalute the current way the results in Tölt T1 are calculated and to come to a better description of the requirements for working tempo tölt and slow tölt.
Currently FIPO gives the three sections (working tempo, lengthen stride and extended tempo) the same weight. In Iceland the mark for slow/working tempo is doubled. The different sport leaders did agree that an emphasis slow tempo tölt is correct; a higher value for this section could be considered. At the same time, also the section were the rider shows lengthen stride could have more weight as well since the quality of rider and horse in both the slow speed and the extended speed is shown in this section.
The Sport Committee of FEIF is asked to prepare for such a discussion in 2004.