New limits in Pace Races

December 14 2002 | Sport

As of 2003, new limits will be used for times in Pace Races to have them accepted for the WorldRanking. In Pace Race 250 m, the new limt is 25.60″ (old: 25.5″), in Pace Race 150 m the new limit is 16.50″ (old: 17.5″) and in SpeedPass 100 m the new limit is 8.70″ (old: 9.8″). The changes have to do with the new tables of marks that will be used to convert times to marks to calculate combination winners. These tables have been revised recently to bring more balance between oval track classes and pace track classes.
The complete tables, WorldRanking rules and other changes can be found in the new edition of FIPO, available for free download (, in English and German.
The current WorldRanking is based upon these new rules.