WorldRanking 2002: another successful year

October 20 2002 | Sport

The year 2002 has the highest number of WorldRanking events ever: 81, which is an increase of more than 6%. The total number of valid marks was also higher: 5615, an increase of more than 9%.
1159 Riders did participate this year, which is also an growth of more than 6%.
Traditionally, about 50% of the marks is connected to the four gaited classes: Tölt T1/T3 and Four Gait V1/V2.
SpeedPass P2 is responsible for 8% of the marks, more than Pace Race 250 m P1 and 150 m P3 together! Five Gait F1/F2 is responsible for 14%.
Germany takes the biggest part of the marks: 34% (31% of the events), followed by Iceland (15% of the marks, 10% of the events) and Sweden (14% of the marks, 9% of the events).
More details can be found on the website of FEIF (