FEIF Sport Judges’ Seminar

April 7 2002 | Sport

53 Judges took part in the annual FEIF Sport Judges’ Seminar. This year the seminar was organised at Gut Pöllndorf in Weistrach, where Hannes Kirchmayr arranged the details.
Among those judges are 25 FEIF Licensed International Sport Judges.
The countries are: Austria 11 (2 of them are licensed judges), Switzerland 9 (3), Germany 9 (4), Denmark 5 (3), Finland 2 (2), Iceland 2, Netherlands 1 (1), Norway 6 (4) and Sweden 2 (1). The members of the FEIF Sport Judges Committee will of course be present, being responsible for the contents of the seminar.

The agenda of the seminar included practical work and several themes, like integrety and quality (code of conduct), evaluation of the judgements at the World Championships and pace riding. The complete agenda is available for download from the service section of the FEIF website).