FEIF Sport Database Structure

March 21 2002 | Sport

In September 2001 a small group of software develloppers met in Copenhagen to start an international project to devellop software for sport competitions on a local, national and international level.
There is a need for good software to run and administer competitions and to store and use data for different purposes, like result lists, ranking lists, qualifications and history.
The group started to define a datastructure first. This structure is now ready for publication and available from the service section of the FEIF website.
The next step will be to define processes and functions to be automated and to start an open source project to connect existing and to devellop new software.
Analists, develloppers, system architects, programmers and others are invited to join.
A sub committee of the Sport Committee (members: Bo Simonsen (DK), Oddur Hafsteinsson (IS) and Marko Mazeland) will supervise this project.