Software for Sport Competitions

September 12 2001 | Sport

On September 9, 2001, a group of people involved in the devellopment of software for sport competitions from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Director of Sport of FEIF met in Copenhagen upon invitation of DI, the Danish member of FEIF for a constituent meeting of what should become a new permanent sub committee of the sport committee about data and software for sport competitions.
This group is coming out of the FEIF-Software discussion group on Internet, that did start at annual Sport Meeting 2001. Participants did show their interest in a meeting on short notice.
Aim is to set up an open structure where knowledge and software can be exchanged on a free, non-commercial basis (Open Source). Software for events (sport competitions) but also the administrative part and the communication between the different levels will be described and devellopped. Prerequisite for this is a clear description of the data needed.
Our first meeting we did spend on describing the data structure and data flow for all data involved in sport competitions on the level of an event, the national level and the international level. A small group will work out a data model later this autumn. It will be open to comment for other people.
The project will also share experiences already available from Germany and Sweden; especially Iceland is in the process of devellopping new software with government subsidies. In this respect it is also interesting to learn about the plans to connect it to the horses in WorldFengur.
More structure in the data and flows of data will also make the WorldRanking more easy to maintain: riders and events will get an unique ID (like our horses), which will diminish the number of mistakes in the spelling of riders’ names and also ensure the proper registration of marks to the right person.