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Annual YouthWork Meeting 2016
All participants of the FEIF youth meeting enjoyed a stimulating and creative set of meetings.

Annual Sport Meeting 2016
FEIF The Delegates Assembly adopted a total of 13 proposals from the Sport Department on a variety of topics ranging from some...

Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2016
FEIF We are very happy to see the growing interest in the leisure riding committee.

Annual Education Meeting 2016
FEIF The education department has had a successful meeting with very positive discussions and intensive exchange of information...

Delegates' Assembly 2016
FEIF 13 out of 18 FEIF member countries participated in the Delegates' Assembly 2016 in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Chairperson Meeting 2016
FEIF The chairpersons had a very good and productive meeting with intensive discussions on the finances of FEIF, the voting...

Annual Breeding Meeting 2016
FEIF The Breeding leader meeting decided to implement a 'positive list' with around 8000 horse names for Worldfengur and all...

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