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New Sport Judges
FEIF conducted a Sport Judge License examination in Reykjavik, Iceland from September 17 - 18, 2016.

Off to Oirschot
The Annual FEIF Ride 'Off to Oirschot' went off to an amazing start.

Combination winners MEM 2016
In the closing ceremony of the Mid-European Championships 2016, the combination winners were honoured.

F1 Five Gait - Mid-European Championships
Mid-European Champion 2016 in F1 is Lisa Drath [DE] with Bassi frá Efri-Fitjum, second position Frauke Schenzel [DE] riding...

F1 Five Gait - Young Riders Mid-European Championships
The gold medal in F1 in the Young Riders class went to Johanna Beuk [DE] with Fylkir vom Kranichtal, silver and second...

P2 SpeedPass - Mid-European Championships
Mid-European Champion in SpeedPass is Charlotte Cook [GB] with Sæla frá Þóreyjarnúpi [IS2006255474], time.

T2 Tölt - Mid-European Championships
Mid-European Champions 2016 - and also 2014 - is Dörte Mitgau [Erwachsene] [DE] with Ísbjörn vom Schloss Nienover...

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