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Name:Djörfung frá Breiðablik
FEIF Id:NL1972200562
Year:1972 (died: 2010)
Color:bay - no markings
F:Gerpir frá Lágafelli [IS1966184360] - 7.58
-- Ff:-- Ljótur frá Ljótarstöðum [IS1954184260] - 7.83
---- Fff:---- Hestur frá Ljótarstöðum [IS19AB184138]
---- Ffm:---- Irpa frá Ljótarstöðum [IS19AA284205]
-- Fm:-- Golla frá Lágafelli [IS19AC284434]
---- Fmf:---- Flibbi frá Ljótarstöðum [IS19AA184302]
---- Fmm:---- Perla frá Lágafelli [IS19AC284432]
M:Perla frá Þórustöðum [IS1966265999]
-- Mf:-- Gráni frá Kjarna [IS19AC165035]
---- Mff:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
---- Mfm:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
-- Mm:-- Rauðka frá Þórustöðum [IS19AC265066]
---- Mmf:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
---- Mmm:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
Breeder:-not registered-
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Relevant offspring (1)
Iðja frá Breiðablik [NL1995200030]

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