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First breeding seminar in Australia
The Icelandic Horse Association of Australia just hosted its first breeding seminar with Silke Feuchthofen, an International...

World Championships 2017 Sport Jury
FEIF The Sport judges for the World Championships 2017 have been selected from a record-setting pool of 30 willing judges.

New Seat on the FEIF Youth Committee
As of February 2017, the FEIF YouthWork committee has created a new seat for young people to join the the work on youth...

FEIF trainer/instructor of the Year 2016
FEIF started the nomination period for the Trainer/Instructor of the Year 2016 Award.

FEIF YouthCamp 2017
The 17th international FEIF YouthCamp will be hosted in Sint-Truiden, Belgium from July 11-18, 2017.

For the first time ever - FEIF Young Leaders event
23 young people from AT, BE, DE, DK NL, IS, SE, NO, LU came together in Wenngarn, Sweden.

Youth Country of the Year 2016
Every year FEIF gives out the award 'Youth Country of the Year' to the member association which has run the most innovative...

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