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Name:Birta frá Lágafelli
FEIF Id:IS19ZZ284080
Year:0000 (dead)
F:Jónatan frá Lágafelli [IS1968184356] - 7.77
-- Ff:-- Svaðilfari frá Lágafelli [IS1952184350]
---- Fff:---- Gylfi frá Lágafelli [IS19AA184019]
---- Ffm:---- Tobra frá Lágafelli [IS19ZZ284726]
-- Fm:-- Frekja frá Lágafelli [IS19ZZ284227]
---- Fmf:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
---- Fmm:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
M:Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
-- Mf:-- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
---- Mff:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
---- Mfm:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
-- Mm:-- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
---- Mmf:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
---- Mmm:---- Not yet decided [XX0000000000]
Breeder:-not registered-
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Relevant offspring (1)
Röst frá Reykjavík [IS1979225200]

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