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Results of Næla frá Skarði
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Name:Næla frá Skarði
FEIF Id:IS1993286799
Color:black - no markings
Highest breeding assessment:8.53
F:Piltur frá Sperðli [IS1985186005] - 8.33
-- Ff:-- Stígur frá Kjartansstöðum [IS1980187340] - 8.15
---- Fff:---- Náttfari frá Ytra-Dalsgerði [IS1970165740] - 8.54
---- Ffm:---- Terna frá Kirkjubæ [IS1974286107] - 7.92
-- Fm:-- Perla frá Kaðalsstöðum 1 [IS1975236458] - 8.30
---- Fmf:---- Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri [IS1968135570] - 8.55
---- Fmm:---- Skjóna frá Kaðalsstöðum 1 [IS1968236457] - 7.74
M:Kæla frá Skollagróf [IS1985288188]
-- Mf:-- Gustur frá Sauðárkróki [IS1973157005] - 7.91
---- Mff:---- Sörli frá Sauðárkróki [IS1964157001] - 8.24
---- Mfm:---- Fluga frá Sauðárkróki [IS1958257001] - 8.54
-- Mm:-- Dögg frá Skollagróf [IS1978288186]
---- Mmf:---- Hrappur frá Skollagróf [IS1973188187]
---- Mmm:---- Héla frá Skollagróf [IS1971288187]
Last checked in WorldFengur:03 August 2019

Test Mark
Rider Country Date /

F1 5.70 Nadja Wohllaib DE 14-Jul-2013
6.63 Laura Steffens DE 12-Jul-2009

Marks below 5.50 (or times in races slower than the limit) are not valid for the FEIF WorldRanking, but are published to provide a complete overview.
For the oval track classes T1, T2, T3, T4, V1, V2, F1 and F2 only results from preliminary rounds are included.

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Relevant offspring (3)
Eldur vom Schwäbischen Wald [DE1998103532]
Nerthus von Borbeck [DE2007263953]
Nítján von Borbeck [DE2006241960]

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