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Name:Jór from Anglesey
FEIF Id:GB2003132001
Color:chestnut - no markings
F:Skuggi frá Hávarðarkoti [IS1999186373] - 8.08
-- Ff:-- Hilmir frá Sauðárkróki [IS1992157001] - 8.34
---- Fff:---- Ófeigur frá Flugumýri [IS1974158602] - 8.19
---- Ffm:---- Herva frá Sauðárkróki [IS1979251001] - 8.03
-- Fm:-- Sandra frá Hala [IS1982286003] - 8.03
---- Fmf:---- Þokki frá Garði [IS1976157005] - 7.96
---- Fmm:---- Brúnka frá Hala [IS1974286408]
M:Jóra from Anglesey [GB1999200613]
-- Mf:-- Falur frá Gíslholti [IS1991186903] - 7.91
---- Mff:---- Gustur frá Stykkishólmi [IS1980137261] - 8.13
---- Mfm:---- Kvika frá Kaðalsstöðum 1 [IS1987236460]
-- Mm:-- Jana frá Þjórsártúni [IS1990281375]
---- Mmf:---- Frami frá Kaðalsstöðum 1 [IS1985136457] - 7.52
---- Mmm:---- Jörp frá Ási 3 [IS19ZZ286398]
Country:Great Britain
Breeder:G Kjartan Davidsson
Last checked in WorldFengur:10 July 2019

Test Mark
Rider Country Date /

F1 2.87 Charlotte Delf DK 09-Jun-2013
F2 3.87 Victoria Przybyllok DE 08-Sep-2013
PP1 2.13 Charlotte Delf DK 09-Jun-2013

Marks below 5.50 (or times in races slower than the limit) are not valid for the FEIF WorldRanking, but are published to provide a complete overview.
For the oval track classes T1, T2, T3, T4, V1, V2, F1 and F2 only results from preliminary rounds are included.

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