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Persons included in this list are banned from all kind of events in all countries for the period indicated.
Person From Until Issued by/Reason

Thomas Vilain Rørvang

06-Aug-2018 06-Feb-2019 Svenska Islandshästförbundet (SIF) [SE]
His horse, Toppur frá Skarði 1 [IS2003135733], has been tested positive at the Nordic Championships 2018 for the prohibited substance pyrilamine, both in the A-sample and the B-sample that was tested on request of the rider.

Þorvaldur Árni Þorvaldsson

12-Jun-2015 12-Jun-2019 Landssamband Hestamannafélaga (LH) [IS]
By decision of the National Olympic Committee and Sports Federation of Iceland to ban the rider based on a positive drug test at the Reykjavíkurmeistaramóti Fáks in May.

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