Youth Work Documents
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FEIF YouthWork Rules and Regulations 2018 871 Kb
Click here for all rules of FEIF
Annual Youth Meeting 2018 35 Kb
FEIF Youth Reports 2017 3,048 Kb
FEIF Youth Protection Policy 20 Kb
FEIF Youth Country of the Year Award 58 Kb
FEIF YouthCup - Role of the Country Leaders 55 Kb
FEIF YouthCup - Role of the Team Leaders 60 Kb
FEIF YouthCup - Rules and Guidelines for Organisers and Helpers 96 Kb
FEIF YouthCup 2018 in Axevalla, SE 722 Kb
Click here for all results of FEIF
FEIF-Youth-Activities, Work and Philosophy 538 Kb

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