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FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations 2018 2,814 Kb
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Sport Rules 2018 - changes as per April 1, 2018 28 Kb
FEIF Sport Judges Seminar 2019 65 Kb
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Sport Judges Guidelines 2018 1,839 Kb
Speakers Checklist 237 Kb
How to measure the length of a hoof 104 Kb
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IceTest Installation 84 Kb
IceTest Manual 205 Kb
IceTest Update 74 Kb
IceTest and FIPOTimer 80 Kb
IceTest and MS Excel 274 Kb
IceTest Installation Problems 150 Kb
Annual Sport Meeting 2018 69 Kb
Alternative shoes 2017 763 Kb
Clarification of Rider Nationality (2016) 212 Kb
Open letter of FEIF - November 2017 27 Kb
Shoeing and Equipment Checks 125 Kb
Track Surfaces Report 874 Kb
Track Surfaces Report (Layman Version) 384 Kb
Approved information    
250x4m oval track drawing 248 Kb
250x6m oval track drawing 264 Kb
300x6m oval track drawing 381 Kb
P2 track schematic 35 Kb
PP1 track schematic 271 Kb
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Instructions for WorldRanking Registrars 115 Kb
Procedure for National Rankings 143 Kb
Procedure International Sport Judges' Exam 37 Kb
World Championships Application Form Front Pages 396 Kb
World Championships: Rules and Requirements for Organisers (2021) 97 Kb
Application Form for a World Record to be recognized by FEIF 68 Kb
Application Form for WorldRanking Competitions 2019 222 Kb
Free Style Performance (Judging form) 15 Kb
Registration Form for International Sport Judges 42 Kb
Registration of a ban 23 Kb
Registration of a warning 22 Kb
Registration of Change of Representation 53 Kb
Shoeing Control Form 296 Kb
Vet Form 1 259 Kb
Vet Form 2 259 Kb
Withdrawls from tests 21 Kb
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World Championships 2017 - results sport 274 Kb
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Shape of the Horse - What are we really looking at? (Herdís Reynisdóttir) 2,595 Kb
Vet Check Presentation (Sport Judge Seminar, Malmö 2015) 11,905 Kb

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