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FEIF Statutes 2018 109 Kb
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FEIF Rules and Regulations 2018 (complete) 3,672 Kb
Rules about equine influenza vaccinations 2016 25 Kb
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FEIF Conference 2019 200 Kb
FEIF Conference 2019 - annex 1,272 Kb
FEIF Conference 2019 - annex Part 2 1,744 Kb
Final Agendas - FEIF Conference 2019 125 Kb
Preliminary time schedule - FEIF Conference 2019 22 Kb
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FEIF Equipment Manual 2016.1 1,272 Kb
Delegates' Assembly 2018 113 Kb
Financial Statement 2017 886 Kb
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FEI Prohibited substances (FEI Clean Sport) -
FEIF Structure - Overview Board, Committees and Working Groups 118 Kb
Horses in Future Agriculture Policy beyond 2020 3,911 Kb
Letter to the Icelandic Horse Community 67 Kb
Open letter of FEIF - November 2017 27 Kb
Privacy Statement FEIF 72 Kb
Track Surfaces Report 874 Kb
Track Surfaces Report (Layman Version) 384 Kb
FEIF - Vision - Mission - Goals 49 Kb
Jobs and responsibilities: breeding 32 Kb
Jobs and responsibilities: education 28 Kb
Jobs and responsibilities: leisure riding 28 Kb
Jobs and responsibilities: president 30 Kb
Jobs and responsibilities: sport 33 Kb
Jobs and responsibilities: youth 28 Kb
FEIF Payment Scheme 15 Kb
Financial procedures 29 Kb
Administration of Altrenogest (Regumate) (FEI) 113 Kb
Authorisation of Emergency Treatment (FEI) 113 Kb
Expenses Claim Form 63 Kb
Medication Not Listed As Prohibited (FEI) 105 Kb
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Press releases    
FEIF Brochure 4,352 Kb
Analysis of risk factors for oral wounds - summary 114 Kb
Ethics - presentation by Jens-Erik Majlund (October 2012) 88 Kb
Horses of Iceland: Strategic Marketing and Promotion 226 Kb
Workshop - Volunteers in FEIF (February 2018) 1,570 Kb

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