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Youth Work in FEIF

Bringing youngsters from different countries – who all share the passion for the Icelandic horse – together is the main goal for the youth department. When doing this it’s the aim that the youngsters get experience for life in terms of:

  • Horsemanship
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Learning about other cultures
  • Tolerance of those with differing opinions
  • International exchange
  • Teamwork capability
  • Responsibility
  • Development of one’s own personality
  • Seeing positive values
  • Having a good time together

Over the years the youth work within FEIF has develop a great deal. It all started in 1986 when a first “international youth week” was arranged by FEIF and the Netherlands. Over the years the work has grown and today a FEIF Youth Camp is arranged every odd year, a FEIF Youth Cup is arranged every even year and all member countries are entitled to bring 3 young rider to participate in special classes on the World Championships, competing to win the title as the most promising young rider.



Out to Oirschot - totals for January 2017
The FEIF virtual ride 'Out to Oirschot' continues to gather momentum.

FEIF YouthCamp 2017
The invitation for the 2017 FEIF Youth Camp is now available for download.

Riding Horse Profiles
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Youth reports 2016 now online
The award FEIF Youth Country of the Year 2016 was given to France.

Delegates' Assembly 2017
The FEIF Conference 2017 took for the first time place in Helsinki, Finland and was organized with the great help of the...

Annual Breeding Meeting 2017
FEIF The annual breeding meeting agreed on preparing a proposal for a clear definition of the guidelines for conflicts of...

Annual Chairperson Meeting 2017
FEIF The participants of the chairperson meeting provided updates about the latest developments and activities in their countries.

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