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YouthWork committee meeting 2016
The FEIF Youth work committee had an enjoyable and productive set of meetings in Haarlem.

Sport committee and Sport judges committee meeting 2016
FEIF The Sport and Sport Judges Committees had two productive meetings in Haarlem with focus on the 2016 competition season's...

Leisure Riding committee meeting 2016
FEIF To be able to provide information on the qualities of a horse as a riding horse, the Leisure Riding Committee has jointly...

Education committee meeting 2016
FEIF The FEIF Education Committee has met for a constructive working weekend in Haarlem.

Breeding committee and breeding judges committee meeting
FEIF The breeding committee and breeding judges committee had a very productive meeting on many different topics.

Horses of Iceland - marketing project
The international marketing project called 'Horses of Iceland' opened its website in September.

WorldRanking season 2016
FEIF The last WorldRanking event 2016 took place in Belgium on the weekend October 15-16, 2016.

IceTestNG Manages First Tournament
The new version of the IceTest software, IceTest NG, has been successfully used to manage its first complete tournament.

FEIF Conference 2017
FEIF The FEIF Conference 2017 will be held in Helsinki, Finland from February 3 - 4, 2017.

FEIF virtual ride - Out to Oirschot
It is not too late to join the FEIF virtual ride to the site of the next World Championships of the Icelandic horse.

New Sport Judges
FEIF conducted a Sport Judge License examination in Reykjavik, Iceland from September 17 - 18, 2016.

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