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The Young Horse Evaluation tool is developed and maintained in cooperation with FEIF and Barbara Frische to automate the linear assessment of your horses.  The tool provides a percentage based calculation of the observed traits of a young horse for conformation, character, and movement abilities. 

This type of assessment and the results computed by the app are not a substitute for training and presenting horses for full, ridden evaluations.

This Young Horse Evaluation tool is now part of  IceTest NG.  This is the next generation of Icelandic horse competition management software.  




Joint sport judges and trainer/instructor seminar 2020
Pub/rev: 22 Jan 2020, Size: 182 Kb

Final Agendas FEIF Conference 2020
Pub/rev: 21 Jan 2020, Size: 963 Kb

Breeding Ringmaster seminar 2020
Pub/rev: 18 Jan 2020, Size: 215 Kb

FEIF Youth Country of the Year Award
Pub/rev: 01 Jan 2020, Size: 140 Kb

Application Form for WorldRanking Competitions 2020
Pub/rev: 15 Dec 2019, Size: 177 Kb

FEIF Conference 2020
Pub/rev: 06 Dec 2019, Size: 1,387 Kb

FEIF Conference 2020 - Annex Breeding
Pub/rev: 06 Dec 2019, Size: 460 Kb

Chief Judges 2020
Pub/rev: 04 Dec 2019, Size: 98 Kb

Jobs and responsibilities: leisure riding
Pub/rev: 03 Dec 2019, Size: 112 Kb

Instructions for WorldRanking Registrars
Pub/rev: 01 Dec 2019, Size: 196 Kb

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