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Current version

The current version of IceTest is 1.1.725.

The complete setup  will install the latest stable versions of the following applications and databases:

  • IceTest (icetest.exe, iceform.exe)
  • FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations (fipo.mdb)
  • Translations (languages.mdb)
  • IceSort (icesort.exe)
  • IceMail (icemail.exe)
  • FIPOTimer (fipotimer.exe)
  • IPZV Office (et-ms.exe)
  • FEIFConnector (feifconnector.exe)

This version includes the following changes (apart from minor changes and corrections):

  • Fixed a bug introduced in IceTest 1.1.724 which prevented the participants' tab in Options from showing.
  • Use of IceSort is now optional and can be switched on and off in settings.
  • Improved support for FEIFConnector.
  • Participants can now choose not to take part in the next heat(s) in pace races. They will be excluded from starting lists. Don't forget to include them again in the heats they want to start
  • The ranking of participants with equal fastest times in pace races is now correctly shown both in IceTest and in the local website IceTest is maintaining
  • The numbering of starting groups in group tests (oval track) and races has been improved
  • It is now possible to move from one field to the next using the TAB key while entering marks or times
  • The report IceTest produces for WorldRanking events has been extended with a list of days judges have been judging (to comply with the new way the licenses for International Sport Judges are extended)
  • The local website IceTest does maintain with results of tests and per participant has been improved: 
    • all output is now without any lay out instructions, so local webmasters can adapt the site, adapting the template and css file IceTest generates only once at the start of a new event
    • start lists are now included per test
    • results per participant include a link to their overview of results in (other) WorldRanking events and their personal ranking (internet connection required)
  • IceTest is now able to forward any marks entered directly to the new public website  FEIFMARKS.COM (using FEIFConnector.exe), giving access to marks of all other events taking place and using IceTest (internet connection required)
  • FEIFConnector 0.9:
  • A new tool for automatic transfer of results to the internet.
  • FEIFConnector will be started by IceTest automatically. If an internet connection is available, it will transmit results and start lists to feifmarks.com where they will be instantly available to the general public. Automatic data transfer can be disabled if not desired.
  • IPZV Office 2.4.10:
  • Several minor fixes and improvements.
  • IceSort 1.0.62:
  • Fixed a bug introduced in IceSort 1.0.62 which prevented printing of start lists.
  • Several minor fixes and improvements.

To join the development team of IceHorseTools, please point your browser to https://sourceforge.net/projects/icehorsetools.
For a detailled changelog, see http://icehorsetools.wiki.sourceforge.net/.

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Previous changes

  • Technical changes with regards to new Windows versions (Vista, Windows 7)
  • A correction in the printed overview of results in case of tie breaks
  • A correction in start lists

Option to check the names of riders and horses for WorldRanking events (internet connection required)

  • Calculation of the ranking in PP1 has been changed according to change in FIPO 2010
  • A  new export to MS Excel has been added to the menu Tools - Output , providing relevant data for judges after a test
  • The number of judges in oval track classes is changable between preliminary rounds and finals
  • The number of judges can be corrected after the start of a test
  • Calculations of team or club combinations according to the new team combination rules for World Championships (per test the results of a definable number or participants per team or club count for the team or club combination).
  • FEIFId of horses is included in the result lists again
  • Problem with withdrawn riders solved
  • Improved presentation of sponsors of tests in result lists
  • Improved check of proper spelling or names of riders in FEIF WorldRanking (Internet connection required)
  • Option to judge finals with more judges then preliminary rounds
  • Several forms in rtf format have been added, including forms for veterinary checks (oral wounds); forms can be printed from Files-Print-Forms (requires FIPORULES of 31-May-2008 or later)
  • Resolved a bug in the calculation of the combination winners
  • Resolved a possible problem when creating a new event
  • Extended features for exporting data to MS Excel
  • Resolved problems for new (Scandinavian) users installing IceTest for the first time
  • Forms in rtf format can be designed (Tools-Forms-Add new/edit/delete form). As an example a stable sign is included
  • Forms can be printed for all participants (like signs for stable doors) or selected participants (File-Print-Forms). Printing page by page or multiple forms on one page

Annual Education Meeting 2017
Pub/rev: 26 Feb 2017, Size: 47 Kb

Annual Sport Meeting 2017
Pub/rev: 21 Feb 2017, Size: 86 Kb

Annual Youth Meeting 2017
Pub/rev: 21 Feb 2017, Size: 37 Kb

Annual Chairperson Meeting 2017
Pub/rev: 21 Feb 2017, Size: 55 Kb

Delegates' Assembly 2017
Pub/rev: 21 Feb 2017, Size: 101 Kb

Riding Horse Profile - rider form
Pub/rev: 11 Feb 2017, Size: 485 Kb

Riding Horse Profile - trainer form
Pub/rev: 11 Feb 2017, Size: 552 Kb

FEIF YouthCamp 2017
Pub/rev: 11 Feb 2017, Size: 175 Kb

FEIF Youth Country of the Year Award 2016
Pub/rev: 10 Feb 2017, Size: 16,940 Kb

WorldFengur Report 2016
Pub/rev: 01 Feb 2017, Size: 1,221 Kb

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