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IceHorseTools version 1.1 (Software for Sport Events)

The IceHorseTools family of software includes software around sport events for Icelandic Horses. The software project is an initiative of Lutz Lesener (IPZV) and Marko Mazeland (FEIF). IceTest is software to calculate results for riders and their horses at Icelandic Horse Sport Events and is as such a central part of the IceHorseTools family. Other tools are FIPOTimer (to time the sections in group tests and finals) and IceSort (to prepare starting orders in a advanced way).

Questions about IceTest? Subscribe to the IceTest mailing list to get answers from expert users.

IceTest is focusing at the competition part. Other software should be used for administrative tasks, like registration of riders, horses and their pedigree, participation in tests, financial matters and so on. Specific software is planned to be developed by other people. But as long as this software is not available, other ways can be used to enter data about riders, horses and the tests they are participating in. In the manual of IceTest a method is described to enter participants using MS Excel or text files (tab or comma delimited). Some countries are distributing this information to organisers of events through central registration of riders and horses.

The current version is freeware, which means it can be used free of costs in any non-commercial setting. The source code is published as an open source project at sourceforge.net for further development.

IceTest is multi lingual, at the moment Danish, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish are available (translators for other FEIF languages are invited to contact Marko Mazeland through the IceTest Mailing list: icetest@feif.org (don't forget to subscribe first).

IceTest NG
After the FEIF Software Conference 2011 a committee started to work to define the requirements for the next generation of sport competition software: IceTest NG. The first steps have been set, starting up the process of creating the new software, based upon requirements and functionality defined so far.
People interested to join are invited to contact Doug Smith (doug@feif.org).



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