FEIF - International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations 

All persons and corporate bodies (e.g. riders, judges, organisers, other officials, associations) involved in Icelandic horse events are committed to fair, comradely and sportsmanlike behaviour to one another, and correct behaviour as a rider towards the horse. It is to be taken for granted, that the internationally established principles for the prevention of cruelty to animals are respected and adhered to unreservedly at all times.

The Icelandic horse is a unique breed with special qualities related to its primitive character. It shall be shown respect unreservedly. The following rules apply at all times: the natural appearance (e.g. natural growth and colour of hair) of the horse shall not be changed. Exceptions – the mane and tail may be trimmed if too long, and the horse may be clipped for health and welfare reasons. Hair on the muzzle, fetlocks, and inside the ears shall not be clipped. The rider shall take into account the special background and needs of the Icelandic horse, and keep the horse under as natural conditions as possible, which provide enough light, fresh air and space for free exercise. Artificial or psychological methods to alter the natural expression of the horse are not allowed.

The training of the horse shall not include the use of mechanical equipment in order to influence movement and shape. Exceptions: the use of equipment that is generally accepted as normal and used in a way, which is generally accepted. Use of extreme weights or elastic ropes on the legs is forbidden.

The Statutes are the legal basis of FEIF. In the Statutes, the name, goal and purpose of FEIF are defined. Furthermore important issues like membership (including membership fee and voting rights) and the structure of the organization. Click here to download the Statutes.

The FEIF Rule Book
Besides the Statutes FEIF has a rule book called FEIF Rules and Regulations. This is available as a single download with all Rules and Regulations covering FEIF activities . For ease of use, the different chapters are colour coded, and given the following prefixes:  General Rules and Regulations  (G), Breeding (B), Education (E), Sport (S) and Youthwork (Y).
Click here to download the complete set of FEIF Rules and Regulations.

General Rules and Regulations (G)
The General Rules and Regulations include the Code of Conduct (FEI) and rules that apply for all (organised) events with Icelandic horses, like veterinary rules, doping and arbitration and additional information, like rules and requirements for organisers of World Championships and FEIF Youth Cup. Click here to download the complete set of FEIF Rules and Regulations. 

Breeding Rules and Regulations (B)
These rules and regulations focus on all matters specifically regarding breeding, including defining guidelines for breeding evaluations and procedures for breeding shows. It is valid in all member countries of FEIF and in international breeding shows. Click here to read more.

Education Regulations (E)
Education regulations describe in detail the FEIF regulations for riders, trainers and instructors, the qualifications and provides information on all levels of the FEIF Instructor & Trainer Matrix. Click here to read more.

Sport Rules and Regulations (S)
Sport Rules and Regulations include specific rules for sport competitions and as addendums detailed information about WorldRanking, time tables for tests, description of start boxes and detailed drawings of all forms of tracks. Click here to download the document.

Youth Work Regulations (Y)
This part of the rule book contains the aims of FEIF Youthwork, and some guidelines for organisers of the the FEIF Youth Cup. Click here to download.



FEIF Video Competition 2017
This year the FEIF Youth Department organized for the second time a video competition.

Ride to Reykjavik
The FEIF virtual ride 'Out to Oirschot' is over - long live the FEIF 'Ride to Reykjavik'.

World Championships 2017 closed!
In the closing ceremony the Team Trophy was awarded to the team Iceland and the FEIF Feather prize to Máni Hilmarsson [YR]...

V1 - World Champion 2017
Jolly Schrenk / DE with Glæsir von Gut Wertheim [DE2007141621] is the World Champion 2017 in V1 - Fourgait, the silver medal...

F1 - World Champion 2017
Frauke Schenzel / DE with Gustur vom Kronshof [DE2009134130] is the World Champion 2017 in F1 - Fivegait, the silver medal...

T2 - Young Rider World Champion 2017
Clara Olsson [YR] / SE with Þór frá Kaldbak [IS2005186297] is the World Champion - Young Riders 2017 in T2, the silver medal...

T2 - World Champion 2017
Johanna Tryggvason / DE with Fönix frá Syðra-Holti [IS2006165087] is the World Champion 2017 in T2, the silver medal went to...

T1 - Young Rider World Champion 2017
The Young Rider World Champion 2017 is Olivia Ritschel [YR] / DE with Alvar frá Stóra-Hofi [IS2007186005], the silver medal...

T1 - World Champion 2017
Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson / IS with Gloría frá Skúfslæk [IS2008282582] is the World Champion in T1, the silver medal went to...

World Championships 2017 - Complete result list sport
FEIF The complete result list for all sport classes at the World Championships 2017 is available now.

P2 - Young Rider World Champion 2017
The World Champion 2017 - Young Riders in P2 is Lona Sneve [YR] [NO] - Stóri-Dímon frá Hraukbæ [IS1996165370], the silver...

P2 - World Champion 2017
The World Champion 2017 in SpeedPass is Charlotte Cook [GB] - Sæla frá Þóreyjarnúpi [IS2006255474], the silver medal went to...

FEIF Video competition 2017
FEIF Youth is happy to announce the winners of the 2017 FEIF Youth Video Competition.

F1 - Young Rider World Champion 2017
The World Champion 2017 - Young Riders in F1 is Máni Hilmarsson [IS] with Prestur frá Borgarnesi [IS2009136036], the silver...

V1 - Young Rider World Champion 2017
The World Champion V1 in 2017 is Gústaf Ásgeir Hinriksson [IS] with Pistill frá Litlu-Brekku [IS2007165003], the silver...

PP1 - Young Riders World Champion 2017
The World Champion 2017 Young Riders in PP1 is Konráð Valur Sveinsson [IS] with Sleipnir frá Skör (7,50), the silver medal...

PP1 - World Champion 2017
World Champion 2017 in PP1 - Pace Test is Magnús Skúlason [SE] with Valsa från Brösarpsgården (9,09), the silver medal went...

P1 - Young Rider World Champion
The World Champion P1 Young Riders is Lona Sneve [YR] [NO] with Stóri-Dímon frá Hraukbæ [IS1996165370] and a time of 21,60".

P1 - World Champion 2017
The World Champion in P1 - Pace Race 250m is Markus Albrecht Schoch [CH] and Kóngur frá Lækjamóti [IS2002155124] with a time...

WM Saturday
First of the two days of the finals, and emotions are running high.

WM Friday - World Championships 2017
Over the last few year colour has been added to our saddles and bridles.

WM Thursday - World Championships 2017
Time to think about the volunteers, and there are well over 500 of them.

WM Wednesday - World Championships 2017
This might already be halfway through the week, but today is also the day of the Opening Ceremony, and the introduction of...

WM Tuesday - World Championships 2017
We will come back to the shopping opportunities later, but let us take you into the mirror tent.

WM Monday - World Championships 2017
For the competitors, particularly in breeding, the WM stated punctually at on Mon morning.

Relay riders in Oirschot
The relay riders have arrived in Oirschot after a long ride from Herning in Denmark, where the World Championships were held...

4000 km riding route in France, Belgium and Germany
The European Route d'Artagnan is a 4000 km riding route established through a Unique cooperation between 12 partners...

Day 6 - FEIF YouthCamp 2017
Day 6 and the last full day of the FEIF Youth Camp in Belgium, and what better way to spend it but at a theme park? All the...

Day 5 - FEIF YouthCamp 2017
On Sunday, day 5 of the FEIF Youth Camp in Belgium, we were kindly invited on a sporting carriage driving tour.

Day 4 - FEIF YouthCamp 2017
Saturday and day 4 of the FEIF YouthCamp in Belgium.

Day 3 - FEIF YouthCamp 2017
Friday, and the third, action packed day of the FEIF YouthCamp in Belgium.

EHN meets European parliamentarians
On July 13, 2017 the European Horse Network met European parliamentarians to raise awareness of the many economic and...

Day 2 - FEIF YouthCamp 2017
On the second day of the FEIF Youth Camp, things are getting close and personal.

Day 1 - FEIF YouthCamp 2017
The first full day of the FEIF YouthCamp started with a trip to a stud farm for the Belgian brewery horses, used for pulling...

Applications Being Accepted for the 2021 World Championships
FEIF The Board of FEIF invites for applications to organise the World Championships 2021.

Virtual ride 2017
The km totals for June have just been published! Please note that this month they are sorted by the highest number of km...

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